Sample of Resource Notes

The story starts with a writer, Helen E. Tree, who is looking for a job as a newspaper reporter. She applies to ‘The Daily World’. She is told at the interview, by the editor, that it is the time of year for the National Story competition. If she really wants the job, she should prove to the Editor that she can write a Mystery Story.

Miss Tree can’t seem to start her story, so she goes for a walk around town, as she does so, she walks past the old library, which has been closed for many years, and notices a light on. She enters the library where she comes across the caretaker. Together they use the library with all it’s wealth of knowledge to understand what makes a good story. They look at Homer’s Odyssey, Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Charles Dickens to find out what makes epic adventures, exciting tragedies and interesting characters.

Miss Tree decides to write her mystery about meeting the caretaker in the library, who is he? What was he doing in there? And what happened to him at the end of her visit to the library? Helen didn’t win the competition, but decided she wanted to become a world famous writer. We hope she does one day.

A Shadow Puppet Theatre

How you can make it

  • Card 24" x 12" approx
  • Greaseproof Paper
  • Ruler & Pencil
  • Sellotape
  • Scissors
  • Cut a rectangle from the centre of the flat piece of cardboard. Taking care to leave a generous margin all around.
  • Cut a piece of greaseproof paper slightly larger than the cut out piece of card.
  • Sellotape greaseproof, down the four edges, over the rectangular hole...making sure that it is sellotape to the non facing (reverse) side of the cardboard.
  • Cut two strips of cardboard 2" wide, the length should be half an inch longer than the length of the sellotape greaseproof paper.
  • Place the strips of card on the back of the Theatre, at the top and bottom of the greaseproof paper to make a slot for scenery, making sure that it is sellotaped to the cardboard and not the greaseproof.
  • Sellotape three sides only of the card strips.
  • Fold the sides of the Theatre back so that it becomes free standing.
  • Using the piece of cut out card from the centre, you can make your Macbeth characters and scenery.
  • Draw & cut your character from the card. Attach a piece of Velcro (sticky back) to the cut out character and the opposite piece of Velcro to the end of a thin stick or straw.
  • Slot the scenery into the card strips at the back of the Theatre. Any light source (window, torch etc) will create the shadow on the screen.