SAMPLE - Best Friends Forever Teachers Notes

Brief Story Line:
Clare Fairweather who is in year 5. Is looking forward to meeting up with all her friends again after half term break and she loves showing off her brand new school uniform. She has many friends at school, one of these is ARCHIE, who loves to read comics and tell jokes.
On the first day of term, she arrives at school to discover that a new girl called Susie Clough is starting. Clare takes an instant dislike to her and makes Susie’s life very difficult in class. She even has a go at her uniform as it is second-hand.
Clare makes up a rhyme about Susie and her jumper.

Helpful Notes For Pupils

What is bullying?

* “Some girls in my class suddenly started being really nasty to me.
They won’t talk to me.” Is this bullying? YES/NO

* “Two big boys wait for me at the school gates every morning.
They take my money. I’m too scared to tell anyone.”
Is this bullying? YES/NO

* “One girl said I was really ugly and that I smelt. Every time
she went by, she would hold her nose and say ‘Oh, what a pong.”
Is this bullying? YES/NO

* “My best friend decided she wouldn’t talk to me at play time, she even
pulled a face at me in class.” Is this bullying? YES/NO

* “ I was playing a game in the playground and this one lad banged into
me and I fell over and hurt my knee.” Is this bullying? YES/NO

* “There was this one boy in my class who would follow me home from
school and then he would come up behind me and push me over.”
Is this bullying? YES/NO

* “Some girls in my class just stopped talking to me and every time I
walked into class they would go silent & look the other way.”
Is this bullying? YES/NO

What would you do?

* Susie has just started a new school and doesn’t know
anybody. If you saw her alone in the playground would you.
a) Ignore her
b) Talk about her behind her back
c) Invite her to play
d) Tell a teacher

* Clare is your best friend, but at the moment she is being
rather nasty to the new girl Susie. Do you
a) Join in with the teasing
b) Continue to hang around with Clare
c) Say something to Clare about it’s not nice to tease.
d) Tell a teacher

* You see Susie being picked on in class and you can see she is
upset. What do you do?
a) Leave her alone
b) Join in with the name calling
c) Tell the teacher
d) Ask Susie if she is alright

* Clare, your best friend has started to come to school in her old
uniform. Do you
a) Make fun of her clothes
b) Not allow her to join in the games at playtime
c) Ignore her
d) Tell her it doesn’t matter what you wear & cheer her up.

* Clare is friends with a group of children who are bullies and
she has bullied others. Although she feels badly about what
she has done, she is scared to stop in case her friends turn
against her: but she really does want to change: What should
she do?
a) Continue to hang around the same group, but try to get them to change?
b) Start finding new friends?
c) Start some new activities such as joining a club?
d) Tell her teacher and parents that she wants to turn over a new leaf?

* Clare’s friends have turned against her ever since she made
friends with the new girl Susie. They won’t sit with her at
lunch and they call her horrible names. What should she do?
a) Tell her parents?
b) Do nothing?
c) Ring or talk to one member of the group and ask them why they are doing this?
d) Tell her teacher?

* Clare, Susie and yourself have just become friends with a
group of children at school. You are really pleased as they are
so cool to hang around with. One day they tell you they are
going to play truant and if you don’t come you can’t stay in
their gang. What do you do?
a) Go along with them just this once?
b) Stay in school
c) Decide they can’t be that cool and tell them you don’t want to be involved in their gang.
d) Tell the teacher that they are going to play truant?

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