Best Friends Forever

Anti-Bullying & Emotional Wellbeing play
Suitable for KS1 & KS2

“Best Friends Forever” has been specially created for Primary schools looking at bullying & emotional wellbeing issues. The production is a light-hearted look at a serious subject.

With Amazing Scenery, costumes, Puppets and music.  A Real WOW factor production for the whole school to enjoy.

Brief Story Line:

Clare Fairweather who is in year 5. Is looking forward to meeting up with all her friends again after half term break and she loves showing off her brand new school uniform. She has many friends at school, one of these is ARCHIE, who loves to read comics and tell jokes.

On the first day of term, she arrives at school to discover that a new girl called Susie Clough is starting. Clare takes an instant dislike to her and makes Susie’s life very difficult in class.  She even has a go at her uniform as it  is second-hand.

Clare makes up a rhyme about Susie and her jumper.

She looks really rough,
So she isn’t good enough
And there’s lots of yukky stuff
On your jumper. Susie Clough

The story looks at feelings, friendships and consequences.

The production last’s an hour. Free Teachers Notes supplied.
Cost: £395 + vat

Pupils learn through visual productions and school results can improve.

Phone: 0161 228 3171