Create History Workshops

For Ks1 & Ks2

Our Workshops are celebrating 25 years of touring primary schools in the UK. We deliver quality and inspiring sessions. One of professional actors will arrive at your school with a pop up theatre experience.

With back drop, Costumes & Music. These sessions really have the WOW factor.

These fully interactive workshops have it all from hunting a woolly mammoth, kissing the toe of a pharaoh or being a Victorian chimney sweep.

The workshops are available all year round. We fit into your school timetable. All our members have a DBS.

  • The pupils will be encouraged to participate in acting scenes from history.
  • Free Teacher's Resource Notes
  • Duration, a morning or an afternoon
  • Designed for inspiring a class at a time
  • The Super Stone Age
  • The Elegant Victorians
  • The Entertaining Egyptians
  • The Wonderful Dickensian Christmas
  • The Amazing Greeks
  • Brave Britain at War
  • The Resourceful Romans
  • All Hail Macbeth
  • The Sensational Saxons & the Vikings
  • Calamity Climate Change

Contact Us

Phone: 01270 627990